We are the Spanish Reproduction Rights Centre (CEDRO). A non-profit association of authors and publishers of books, magazines, journals, newspapers and sheet music, published in any format. 

We oversee the protection and collective management of intellectual property rights stemming from the secondary use (reproduction, distribution, public disclosure and transformation) of these publications.

In 1988 the ministry of culture authorised us to undertake this activity.

CEDRO’s mission is to represent and protect the legitimate interests of authors and publishers of books and periodicals by authorising and endorsing the legal use of their works.


  • Authorise. We deliver solutions through our licencing system, enabling the reproduction - photocopying or digital- and sharing of copies of the works in our catalogue with companies, educational establishments and institutions. Further information at www.conlicencia.com
  • Manage. We manage the fair compensation of private copying for authors and publishers, remuneration for public lending for authors, remuneration for particular uses in universities, and any other remuneration they are legally entitled to.
  • Compensate. We ensure authors and publishers receive the amounts corresponding to them from the secondary use of their works, by way of our licencing system and the management of private copying, public lending, and any other remuneration they are legally entitled to. 
  • Represent. We protect the rights and interests of authors and publishers regarding national and international institutions and organisations, and in the courts of justice. 
  • Inform. We provide training, information and advice on the principles of intellectual property.
  • Support. We contribute to the performance of activities and services of training, promotion and assistence to authors and publishers.



  • Efficiency in our management.
  • Transparency in our actions.
  • Responsibility in our relationships.